Jeju island Group Day Tour_ East Part (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Do you seek small group day tour with the least assistance at cheaper price for Jeju island?

If so, this tour is it for you.

Enjoy Jeju island and see more of the island at the unbeatable price!

This group day tour will bring you the most memorable and impressive moments in your Jeju island trip.

This tour is available on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

This exclusive group day tour will bring you the most memorable and impressive moments in your Korea trip.


With Special Discount

1 Day Tour

2 Days Tour


73,000 Won

70,000 Won

140,000 Won

(Age 3-12)

63,000 Won

60,000 Won

120,000 Won

• Aged Under 24 month: Free

※ Special discount offered when you book and pay online 10 days before your intended tour date

▶ Length of Tour Time

8:30 am to 17:15~18:00 (Pick-up time To Drop-off time at our selected hotel within downtown Jeju city)

▶ Inclusions

• Transport
: English/Chinese speaking friendly driver_ Your driver does not provide with full commentary for each place. But, your driver will help make your tour easier and run more smoothly giving you simple and short information on each place which you will visit
: Mini Van which is 11 seaters including driver’s seat, Fuel, Parking fees

• Entrance fees

• Lunch as indicated in the itinerary below

• Pick-up from & Drop-off at our selected hotels within downtown Jeju city (near Jeju airport)

Pickup/drop-off point will be from hotels located within downtown Jeju city (near Jeju airport). Please check with us if you plan to stay at an apartment or guesthouse.

▶ Essentials

• Passenger capacity: Max group size of 9 pax as small group day tour with family/friend- like atmosphere

• Departure time:8:30am~9:15am every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

▶ Remarks

• This tour starts when the group is at least 2 pax which means if it doesn’t meet the minimum no. of pax in the group, the tour cannot start, and your payment will be refunded.

• Please check the availability of tour with us for your intended tour date

• This tour can be cancelled, due to very terrible weather such as typhoon. In this case, refund of your deposit payment will be made. And, notice will be given to you via email one hour prior to your pick-up time.

• Please check your email before pickup time on the day of tour if it is very strong typhoon weather.

• The itinerary / Order to visit or lunch menu may change without advance notice depending on unexpected local situation.

▶ Special Benefit

Free Wi-Fi Service on the vehicle during the tour

▶ Itinerary

East Part _ Departure on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Pick-up at our selected hotels (Within downtown Jeju city) at between 8:30am and 9:15am
Jeju tour package 1. Via Mt. Halla National Park
: (For short time Photo-taking only_5~10 min long)
※Not available on terribly snowy day or under road control due to snow
Jeju tour package 2. Jeolmul Forest Park
: You will be able to enjoy your leisurely walking and rest in fresh air and peaceful forest with wonderful view
※ Not available on terribly snowy day or under road control due to snow. Alternatively Halla Forest Park will be visited
Jeju tour package 3. Seongeup Folk Village in which local people live in real for over 600 year
: You will have insight into Jeju local traditional architectures with 600 years history
Jeju tour package 4. Lunch
: You will select your preference, either Jeju local Black Pork Bulgogi or Bibimbab ( for vegetarian or Muslim tourists)
Jeju tour package 5. Via Gwangchigee Coast (For quick photo-taking, around 10 min long)
: You will see magnificent view of backdrop of Seongsan Ilchulbong and will enjoy deep blue Ocean
Jeju tour package
Jeju tour package
6. Selection of Either Seongsan Ilchulbong as UNESCO natural heritage OR Seopjicoji coast
: For Seongsan Ilchulbong, as UNESCO natural heritage, the stunning view from the top will inspire you and also you will see the second largest crater on top in Jeju

: For Seopjicoji coast, you will enjoy unforgettable leisurely walking along the coastline with magnificent view.
※ If you prefer Seongsan Ilchulbong (UNESCO natural heritage) climbing and women diver show, a surcharge of admission fee (approx 5,000 Won/person) for it will be paid on the spot.

Jeju tour package
Jeju tour package
7. Hamdeok beach & walking trail (From June, 2018)
(Finishes at around 4:15~ 4:30pm at this place)

: This place is perfect for you to enjoy both of beach view and Jeju city with Mt. Halla. You can have leisurely walking along the beach or have relax drinking a cup of coffee at cafes along the beach
※ For your kind attention, till May, 2018,
Yongnoonee Oreum leisurely walking_ Approx 40 min to one hour as return

(Finishes at around 4:15~ 4:30pm at this place)

: This Oreum Trekking is as easy as kindergarten kids can do it, and you will have insight into Jeju island’s unique nature feature
This exeprerience will be unforgettable time in your life.

Drop-off at our selected hotels at between 5:30 and 6pm

Jeju tour packageJeju tour packageJeju tour package
※ IF time allows and available, quick photo-taking time will be provided so that you can enjoy the seasonal view by stopping over seasonal spots with flowers


▶Reservation & Payment

※ Reservation Form is accepted by 5:30pm one day before your intended tour date

Please fill out the forms on our website. Once reservation form and payment form are submitted, we will proceed your reservation, or email you to inform the availability of tour for your intended tour date.

Once your payment of deposit is made, confirmation letter will be sent to you within 24 hours in business hours. Then, your reservation will be secured and confirmed. .

Your reservation will not be confirmed, unless confirmation letter is sent to you.

▶ Cancellation/ Change/ Refund

• 1 day before _ No Refund

• 2 ~7 days before _ 50% Refund
• 8 days before _ 100% Refund
※In case of Cancellation without notice or No Show on the day of tour, we will charge the remaining balance from your credit card given upon reservation.